Black Thujone

by Black Thujone

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Noted UFOlogiest and Paranormal investigators Juan Garces and Mike Hunter when not together summoning demons for study and conversations, foiling UFO abductions and cow mutilations, record under the psuedonym "Black Thujone."

Juan and Mike perform on various digital, analog and modular synthesizers to realize music suitable for invocations, séances, shamanic journeys, soul retrievals, ectoplasmic eminations, trapping Non-Terminal Repeating Phantasms/Class 5 Full-Roaming Vapors and general "intention" magicks.

They typically gather at their studio outside Lhasa, Tibet (actual location redacted) for a weeks worth of fasting, meditation, ritual and Magick power raising, all with the intention of empowering their music to influence (control?) the mood and mindset of the listener.

Do not listen to Black Thujone while operating heavy machinery or nursing small children.

Do not taunt Black Thujone.

You have been warned...


released November 11, 2017

Synthesizers - Juan Garces
Modular Synthesizers - Mike Hunter
Recording - Juan Garces
Mixing and Mastering - Mike Hunter
Album Art - Mike Hunter

Special thanks to: Abaddon, Abraxas, Adramelech, Agares, Ahriman, Aim/Haborym, Alastor, Alloces, Amdusias/ Amduscias, Amon, Andras, Andrealphus, Andromalius, Anzu, Asmoday/Asmodeus, Astaroth, Astarte, Astaroth, Azazel, Bael, Balam, Barbatos, Bathin, Beelzebub, Behemoth, Beleth, Belial, Belphegor, Berith, Bhairava, Bifrons, Botis, Buer, Bune, CacusCali, Callicantzaros, Camio, Cerberus, Chiang-shih, Cimejes, Crocell, Daevas, Dagwanoenyent, Daityas, Dantalion, Decarabia, Deumus, Eligos/Abigor, Ereshkigal, Erinyes, Eurynome, Fenrir, Flaga, Focalor, Fomorians, Foras, Forneus, Furcas, Furfur, Gaap, Ganga, Garuda, Glasya-Labolas, Gorgons, Gremory, Gusion, Haagenti, Halphas, Haures, Hecate, Hel, Hiisi, Hun Came and Vucub Came, Hurakan, Iblis, Ipos, Ishtar/ Inanna, Izanami, Jinn, Jormungand, Kappas, Lamia, Lechies, Leonard, Leraje, Leviathan, Lilith, Lix Tetrax, Loki, Malphas, Mammon, Mara, Marax, Marbas, Marchosias, Mastema, Melchiresa, Melchom, Mephistophiles, Mictlantecuhtli, Moloch, Murmur, Naberius, Nagas, Nickar, Nybbas, Onoskelis, Oriax, Ornias, Orobas, Ose, Paimon, Phenex, Picollus, Pretas, Pruflas, Purson, Rahovart, Rakshasas, Raum, Ribesal, Ronove, Sabnock, Sallos, Samigina, Seere, Seraphim, Shax, Shedim, Sitri, Stolas, succubus, Tezcatlipoca, Tlaltecuhtli, Torngarsuk, Tzitzimime, Ukobach, Uvall, Valefor, Vapula, Vassago, Vepar, Vine, Volac, Vrykolakas, Vucub Caquix, The Watchers/ The Nephilim, Xaphan, Yan-gant-y-tan, Yara-ma-yha-who, Yenaldooshi, Zagan and Zepar. Thanks also to the Bulgarian, Germany and Czech Vampire Clans.


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Black Thujone Levittown, Pennsylvania

Noted UFOlogiest and Paranormal investigators Juan Garces and Mike Hunter join forces to summon demons, foil UFO abductions and record from their remote mountain studio in outside Lhasa, Tibet.

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